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About us

Established in June, 2003, Wuxi Anman Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of engineering machinery. We are specialized in MD series anchor drilling rigs, MDL series anchor drilling tools, XP series jet grouting drilling machines and other series of drilling machinery and accessories. With registered capital of 20 million RMB and rich experience, Anman provides...

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  • MDL-15H
  • Adopting latest group technology, MDL-15H hydraulic crawler drill can be used for retaining and protecting for foundation excavation ...
  • SJW-60
  • SJW-60 high pressure jet grouting drilling rig is of self-drill type, which is developed by Wuxi Anman Company according to the requirements of market...
  • MDL-135G
  • 135G anchor drilling rig adopts our company's latest group technology, and is applied to anchoring engineering...
  • MDL-150D
  • This 150D anchor crawler drilling rig is of full hydraulic gyrator type. Its drilling depth is 130-170m, and drilling...
  • MDL-135D
  • The 135D crawler anchor drilling rig is of full hydraulic gyrator type. Its drilling depth is 100-140m, and drilling diameter 150-250mm. This China's engineering drill rig can be used for anchoring, which is applicable to rod boring, casing drilling
  • MDL-160G
  • In order to meet the market's demands, MDL-160G top driven anchor drilling equipment is newly developed by...
  • XP-20
  • With drilling depth is 20-50m, this jet grout drill rig is stable, efficient, versatile, and able to drill complex strata and able...
  • XPL-20B
  • With drilling depth 20-50m, this XPL-20B crawler drill rig, also known as XPL-20B crawler drilling machine, can guarantee...
  • Crawler Pump truck
  • CWP series mobile pump stations are applicable for draining in non-stationary pump station and areas without power supply...
Anman Drilling Rigs

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